Root Canal Treatment

We can perform root canal treatment's to treat and prevent pain and infection in decayed or traumatised teeth while keeping the tooth functioning in the mouth.

A root canal treatment consists of the following steps

  • The canals of the tooth are located and negotiated to the root of the tooth
  • The canals are cleaned and shaped
  • A filling is placed inside the root of the tooth

The treatment on average may take anywhere from two to four visits to complete the three steps. Most of the time root canal treatment is totally painless as the affected area will be numbed completely.

Occasionally some discomfort occurs in the initial stages of treatment if the nerve tissue is very inflamed. If this is the case it will be treated with antibiotics and analgesics.

Once the treatment has been completed, the tooth is often left weak and prone to breaking.

Depending on the amount of tooth structure left, we often recommend placement of a crown to prevent any tooth loss in the future.