Dentistry For Kids

Only two sets of teeth to last a lifetime!!

Your child’s mouth sees a lot of change throughout the early developmental years. By 3 years of age, your child will have all 20 primary (baby) teeth. The primary teeth are important for many reasons and need to be taken care of until the adult teeth to replace them. Decay in the primary teeth can mean your child may tend to develop decay in the permanent (adult) teeth.

Between the ages of 6 and 12 your child will loose all the baby teeth as the permanent teeth emerge. These permanent teeth need to last 70-80 years! With a little daily attention to oral care, diet and regular dental visits you can prevent little problems from becoming big ones.

Choosing your Kid’s Dentist

Of course many of our patients are too young to fully appreciate the importance of good oral hygiene and that’s why we work closely with parents so they can make informed, responsible choices on behalf of their children. The staff at Southland Dental Surgery has a friendly manner, a sense of fun and humour, and considerable patience to explain all about your child’s risk of oral disease, preventative strategies and the treatments, to ensure that your children’s dental experiences are positive.